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Apply Online For Social Security Disability Benefits

   The Social Security Administration now permits some applicants to apply online for their disability benefits.  You cannot apply online if:

  • you are applying for SSI (Title XVI) benefits
  • you are applying for Child SSi benefits
  • you are applying for benefits based on your late spouse’s
    earnings record
  • you are applying for Medicare only
  • you do not live within the United States
  • you are a convicted felon

   If you are applying for disability benefits on your own earnings record, you can use the online application process.   Click here to start the online application process.

What to Expect When You Apply Online

   The online application requires you to fill in several online forms.  You will need to have on hand identification information as well as information about the medical basis of your claim.

   Before filing, you should download and complete SSA’s Disability Report Form-(SSA-3368), and Social Security’s Information disclosure form (SSA-827).   Social Security no longer offers these forms for download on its website, but we are pleased to offer these forms here, courtesy of the Disability Answer Guide:

   At this point, Social Security will still accept hard copy forms, although they may encourage you to use the online version.  If you do choose to fill out these forms online, you can use the above hard copies to better prepare for the online document preparation.

   If you are not comfortable with the online process, you can still proceed the old way by calling SSA at 800-772-1213.

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