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Dependent Children Collect Benefits if Parent is Found Disabled

   Dependent children are eligible for auxiliary benefits based on their disabled parent’s earnings record if:

  • You have applied for dependent child’s benefits.  If you have children, you should always advise SSA in writing that you wish to file an application for benefits on behalf of your dependent child.  This request can be made at any point during the disability adjudication process.
  • Your child(ren) is dependent upon you for support
  • Your child is not married
  • Your child is under 18, between 18 and 19 and enrolled in elementary or high school, or is 18 or older but is disabled (disability having begun before child was 22).

   If both parents are disabled, a dependent child can only collect auxiliary benefits based on the higher of the two earnings record.  If your child is receiving two checks based on two earnings record, you will eventually face an overpayment problem.

   Dependents collect a percentage of their disabled parent’s monthly benefits.  Your benefit as the disabled person is not reduced - your dependent’s benefits are in addition to you disability payment.

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